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Feed Safety and Quality Statement

The company’s Feed Quality and Safety Policy is described in the following link Feed Quality and Safety Policy

– IRIDA S.A. confirms that all our products are in full accord with all Greek and EU fish feed manufacturing and sales regulations.  Our company applies its Quality Control Management under  the International Standards EN ISO 9001:2015 “Design, Production and Sale of Fish Feeds” (TUV Austria, Report No. 0109198) and EN ISO 22000:2018 (TUV Austria, Report No. 0709101) and is approved as such. The EU registration number for IRIDA S.A.’s factory in Agrinio is 22320 010 000001 and in industrial Zone of Patras is 22320 130 000110.

– All the fish feeds manufactured by our company do not contain raw materials, products or by-products which are genetically modified in origin and are declared as such under EU regulations.

– All fishmeal and fishoil used in the manufacture of the full range of our fish feeds originate from sources which are regulated by EU and other official National quotas and are as such controlled by the relative authorities and regulations.

– Actual and routine results from analyses (including proximate parameters, heavy metals, mycotoxins, GMO absence, dioxins, pesticide residues, microbiological, etc.) are collated and sent on a regular basis to customers.