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IRIDA’s research for meagre culture

IRIDA participates in a research program with state-of-the-art research centers for the development of meagre culture.

IRIDA S.A. and FORKYS S.A. are the commercial partners of the Institute of Aquaculture, Hellenic Center of Marine Research (HCMR) and the University of Crete in a recently approved project titled “Development of methods for reproduction and rearing of meagre (Argyrosomus regius) as a measure to enhance the competitiveness of aquaculture with the introduction of new species”.  The program (acronym KRANIOS) is funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, (contract pending) under the Action plan for Collaborative research programmes of small and medium scale.  The objectives of the program, coordinated by HCMR, are to study all aspects of the lifecycle of meager in culture, in order to optimize protocols for broodstock management, larval rearing, nursery and growout in sea cages (FORKYS).  A novel feed will be developed (IRIDA) by studying the fish’s metabolism and nutrient requiremends (HCMR), that will be tailored for this species and will result in optimal health, growth and FCR.

The appearance of any disease and health issues will be monitored (HCMR) and the susceptibility of meager to stress will be studied (University of Crete).  The effect of different diets on final product quality will be studying through the use of flesh analyses and expert panel evaluations (HCMR).  The program will last for three years 2011-2013 and is expected to provide new knowledge that will allow the cost-effective intensification of meager culture in Greece and the Mediterranean region, thus contributing to the diversification of the aquaculture industry and the supply of a new product of excellent nutritional qualities for the European consumer.