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Our Team

Christos Gogorosis
Managing Director
With his 20 year presence in the fish feeds market, previously one of the main shareholders of KEGO S.A., has connected his name with integrity and excellence. Today he is one of the founders and major share holders of IRIDA S.A.

Nikos Papaioannou (BSc., MSc.)
Technical Director.
Animal Scientist, he holds degrees from Stirling University, Institute of Aquaculture in Scotland and the Agricultural University of Athens, Animal Science. He specializes in Breeding Programs Management and Fish Feed Design & Production. For a period of five years he was the Technical Product Manager at KEGO S.A. Today, as Technical Director of IRIDA S.A. he coordinates the fish feed production and the consulting services that the company offers to its customers. He is also a major share holder of IRIDA and acting Chairman.

Dr. Sotiris Papasolomontos (BSc., MSc., PhD, MIBiol., CIBiol.)
Non Executive Director
Graduated from the University of London and in addition holds postgraduate degrees from the University of Newcastle (Masters and PhD), MiBiol from the Institute of Biology, CBiol from the Institute of Biology and has completed the Senior Executive Program at the London Business School (School of Business). For a period of thirty years he was the Technical Director of Dalgety Agriculture UK and KEGO S.A., responsible for all technical and advisory services.  He is a past President of the British Society of Animal Science and Director of the Home Grown Cereal Authority of Great Britain.

Dr. Apostolis Kefalas
Non Executive Director
Graduated in 1970 from the Veterinary Department of the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica. Previously founder and major shareholder of KEGO S.A. He had before that held the position of Marketing Manager/Director of Spillers Hellas S.A. over a period of 5 years.
Veterinarian with more than 30 years experience in animal husbandry genetics and of feed factory design.

Apostolis Gogorosis (BSc., M.A.)
Financial Manager
He has graduated from U.W.E. in Bristol and the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki in business and finance. He is also a shareholder of the company.

Michalis Gogorosis (BSc., M.Sc., ACCA)
Business Development Manager
Graduated from the University of Manchester in Accounting and Finance and the University of Piraeus in Business Administration. Previously worked as an auditor in PwC Greece S.A. over a period of 3 years, while he obtained the qualification of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). He is a shareholder of the company.

David Abbs
Hatchery Technical Advisor
Marine Biologist with twenty years of experience in marine hatchery production. He is involved in consulting projects in Greece, Middle East and Norway.

Nikos Mexas
Technical Product and Logistics Manager
Ichthyologist with twenty years of experience in cage fish farming (on-growing) and fish feed production.  He is responsible for the production program and logistics operations.

Fotini Papaefthimiou
Quality Control Manager
Studied in the department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at the Agricultural University of Athens, also holds a MBA in Food Business Management at the University of Patras. She is responsible for the Quality Control of IRIDA fish feeds.

Kostas Mountis
Production Manager
Engineer, with twenty five years of experience in feed production and feed mill construction and maintenance.

Yannis Lytras
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer, graduated from the University of Patras. Prior work experience as factory manager, maintenance manager and process engineer.

Apostolis Gounaris
Safety Officer
Mechanical Engineer, graduated from R.W.T.H. Aachen University in Germany. He has over ten years experience in design and maintenance of fish feed factories.

George Chaliotis
Chief Accountant
A graduate in Accounts and Finance from the University of Athens.  A qualified accountant with more than 30 years experience in Greece and overseas.

Kostas Giotis
Studied Accounts and Finance at the University of Athens.