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Research Areas

– Improvement of taste and quality for farmed fish

IRIDA’s customers have developed a quality benchmark for Seabass and Seabream. Protein: Energy ratio, origin and quality of dietary lipids, fatty acid profile, lipid oxidation of the feed have crucial role to play in the taste, the quality and the shelf life of fish fillets.  It’s one of the top priorities of our R&D department to combine experience with innovation in order to maintain and even enlarge the benchmark that our customers enjoy.

– Development of sustainable fish feeds

It’s our commitment to invest in development of sustainable fish feeds. Fish feed production increases on a global scale and availability of marine based raw materials decreases. Against this background IRIDA develops feeds using alternative raw materials without any compromise to fish health and welfare.

– To Promote growth, secure health, reduce production cost

In fish farming feed costs account to more than 50% of the production cost. Feed performance (improvement of Growth Rate, decrease of Feed Conversion Rate) is linked directly to business success.

Reproduction of hatchery-produced meagre Argyrosomus regius in captivity I. Description of the annual reproductive cycle

Reproduction of hatchery-produced meagre Argyrosomus regius in captivity II. Hormonal induction of spawning and monitoring of spawning kinetics, egg production and egg quality