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IRIDA S.A. participates in the research project Magiatiko

The objective of the project MAGIATIKO is the improvement of broodstock management of greater amberjack (Seriola  dumerili) and the production of high quality fingerlings in order to enable the industrial production of the species by the Greek aquaculture industry.  There is tremendous interest for this species by the European and Greek sector, as this species has a large body and exhibits very high growth rates.  Greater amberjack reaches 3 kg at 2 years and 5 kg at 3 years of age.  The proposal MAGIATIKO plans to build on the knowledge acquired by the European project DIVERSIFY (FP7,, which is coordinated by the Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture (IMBBC) of the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR). One of the main goals of this 5-year project was the study of the reproductive biology of the greater amberjack in nature, the recognition of reproductive dysfunctions in captivity and the development of methods to control reproduction, and the development of larval rearing and fingerling production protocols.  In the framework of the DIVERSIFY project, IMBBC developed methods for reliable reproduction and egg production in captivity by greater amberjack broodstocks held at commercial aquaculture facilities.

During the implementation of the project MAGIATIKO, the reproduction and larval rearing methods that have been developed so far will be optimized.  Work package 1. Broodstock management and reproduction includes a series of studies aimed not only at providing the Greek aquaclture industry with constant production of eggs for larval rearing.  Now the objective is to be able to controll (a) by which individual breeders the fertilized eggs are produced, so that breeding programmes can be implemented, (b) at which time period during the reproductive season the highest quality eggs are produced and (c) the nutritional quality of the eggs through the production of a specific broodstock diet.  Work package 2. Larval rearing and fingerling productionwill optimize the developed larval rearing protocols and will make them more productive, through the collaboration with recognized academic institutions of Greece.  MAGIATIKO will use the most modern rearing methods (with copepods and probiotics) and larval rearing evaluation assessments (histology of organs involved in the detection, capture and process of feed, microbiograms of the digestive tract and skeletal deformities assessment) in order to develop an industrial protocol that will produce fingerlings of the highest quality for rearing in sea cages by the Greek industry.

With the completion of the project MAGIATIKO the Greek aquaculture industry will have at its disposal the necessary methods for (a) broodstock management and reproduction control  and (b) larval rearing and production of the highest quality greater amberjack fingerlings.  Greater amberjack production will diversify the production of the Greek industry, not only as far as the species is concerned, but also in regards to the products.  The large size of the greater amberjack enables a more efficient processing of the fish flesh and the production of value added products, which are more accessible to the consumer of the main European markets, where the Greek industry aims.


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